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REVIEW: Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

REVIEW: Sin City: A Dame To Kill For

What a fun movie to watch- the coolest actioner of the summer and maybe of the year!!  So so stylish, interspersing the black and white film noir effect with splashes of brilliant color- making the  film and the pulpy violence comic booky and thus more entertaining than  gruesome , though some of the violence is pretty hardcore. Not for the kids at all. This one is a very hard R with lots of violence and nudity.

Bruce Willis returns as the ghost watching over his beloved stripper Nancy, again played by Jessica Alba who  remains a PG-type stripper. Think “Maxim” ,  though I think they even show more. But what a money shot she has  at the end!!!

Mickey Rourke opens the film , returning as Marv, who gets his revenge on  trust-fund college  kids who set homeless people afire just for kicks.  You don’t want to  piss off Marv !!!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt  joins the cast as a  young card  shark who  humiliates the  sinister Senator Roark, played by  the  returning Powers Boothe.

Also returning: Rosario Dawson  and Jamie King.

Among the newcomers with the biggest roles in the film: Josh Brolin and a mostly naked Eva Green (she made her film debut nude  in the 2003 film “The Dreamers” with her most well-known roles in “Casino Royale”, “300: Rising” and “Dark Shadows). What a hot couple- and she’s the film standout as the ultimate femme fatale, who also seduces a police detective, played by Christopher Meloni . Jeremy Piven  is his partner.

Ray Liotta and Juno Temple have a brief but very fun tryst that doesn’t end well. Lady Gaga has an even briefer but well-played role as a sexy waitress.

The only real waste: the  3-D. And those glasses are  so annoying to wear, not to mention the extra cost.

I loved this film – it’s one of the few you must must must see on the big screen.

4 stars


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